Met-Rx "Love the Monster" Content Campaign

Repositioning itself with a complete brand re-launch in 2016, MET-Rx wanted to create a content campaign for 2017 that would drive awareness among young, elite athletes, and shift the narrative from a legacy brand to one that fuels modern preparation and training.

Leveraging the Love The Monster ad campaign, MWW engaged in hosting Facebook live feeds, crafted multiple video vignettes, as well as accompanying cinemagraphs and supporting graphical illustrations. We launched with Joey Bosa; Defensive End for the San Diego Chargers, followed up with Addison Russel; Shortstop for the Chicago Cubs and are continuing with Leonard Fournette; RB for LSU and current NFL 4th round draft pick for the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Creative Director: Carl Sorvino
Content Producer: Daniel Kennedy
Shooter/Editor: Jose Aguirre
Copy: Carl Sorvino/Daniel Kennedy

Art Direction: Jose Aguirre/Carl Sorvino