NINON - Social Content

Nikon enhances the world's photographic culture and provides expanded imaging possibilities to people around the world but they came to MWW when they needed a social content strategy that was more than just pretty pictures.

To augment an already rich photographic social feed, MWW adopted a product forward, 4-step approach. First, all the content needed to be created on one of the many Nikon cameras which would be featured in the post copy. Second, the content would never be static. Third, the content needed to encompass a wide range of subject matter while showcasing different creative styles & techniques. Finally the content team needed to adapt to real time requests and content generation.

Creative Director: Carl Sorvino
Art Direction: Carl Sorvino/Jose Aguirre/ Mike Petite
Design: Kathryn Doherty
Copy: Carl Sorvino/Johanna Nettelfield
Content Producer: Daniel Kennedy
Motion/Shoot/Edit: Jose Aguirre